Monday, February 09, 2004

American Suicide?

The Washington Monthly has just published a very important article in my opinon. Titled Creative Class War by Richard Florida, the piece details the impact Bush and the Radical Right's culture war on the most creative sectors of our population is having on the willingness of foreign scientists and other highly skilled people to immigrate to the US. It also describes the harm paranoid immigration policies are doing to the ability of the best foreign graduate students to attend American universities, damage that has already led to the shut down of major research projects.

As the world becomes increasingly dependent on knowledge rather than brute strength, those dominating our nation have come to worship strength and fear knowledge. One likely outcome if these policies are not reversed is that the scientific and technological breakthroughs of the future will be more likely to happen in Europe and Canada than in the US.

Florida is the Heinz professor of economic development at Carnegie Mellon University and the author of The Rise of the Creative Class.

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